Dec 31 2023

We would like to thank all the participants of the 2023 Lagniappe Equestrian Center (LEC) series. Without all your support we would not be able to make improvements to the facilities.

We would like to congratulate all the Series HP Champions (Signature Chairs) and Reserve Champions (Bathing Bucket Kit):

Horse Trials

Beginner Novice Champion: Rachel Singleton – Mr. Fiery Flash

Combined Test

Training Champion: Jessalyn Putt – Glandore Bay
Beginner Novice Champion: Meredith Hunter – Classic Imp
Beginner Novice Res. Champion: Carlie Felps – Just My Style
Starter Champion: Jessalyn Putt – HVL Deep Impact
Starter Res. Champion: Jessalyn Putt – Saltando
Pre Starter Champion: Bea Harley – Levity
Pre Starter Res. Champion: Elise Taleb – Zeus the Moose
Amoeba Champion: Elise Taleb – Zeus the Moose
Amoeba Res. Champion: Gianna Guarino – Fool’s Gold
Pre-Amoeba Champion: Dorothy Torregrossa – Buster
Mini Amoeba Champion: Abagail Phillips – Callie
Pre-Mini Amoeba Champion: Abagail Barnes – Tiny Dancer

Just Jumpers

Have A Go Jumper Champion: Rebecca Stewart – Mr. GQ
Mini Jumpers Champion: Lauren Spicuzza – Run Parker Run
Mini Jumpers Res Champion: Aubrey Nelson – Taco Tuesday
Bayou Jumper (A) Champion: Makenzie Stewart – True Emperor
Bayou Jumper (B) Champion: Nikhol Kelley – Happy Day
Pre Hopeful Jumper Champion: Tianna Kelley – The Englishman
Pre Hopeful Jumper Res Champion: Annabelle Dejean – Special Effx
High School Jumper Champion: Jessalyn Putt – Glandore Bay

Dressage Only

Intro Level Champion: Bella Liuzza – Cool Reiny Day
Training Level Champion: Jill Zednick – Cover Girl
Training Level Res. Champion: Baileigh Marcotte – Customized

Western Dressage:

Champion: Ashley Tahir – Al Copony