2022 Events

2023 Show Dates

February 4
Just Jumpers and Derby Cross (1 of 3)
Prize List

March 4-5
SEDA – Spring Schooling Fleur de Leap
Prize List

April 15
LEC Horse Trials in a Day (1 of 2)
Dressage only also offered

May 6
LEC Just Jumpers and Derby Cross (2 of 3)

June 17
LEC Combined Test (1 of 2)
Dressage only also offered

August 5
LEC Combined Test (2 of 2)
Dressage only also offered

September 9
LEC Just Jumpers and Derby Cross (3 of 3)

September 30-October 1
SEDA Recognized Fleur de Leap Horse Trials

November 11
LEC Horse Trials in a  Day (2 of 2)
Dressage only also offered

December 2-3
SEDA – Christmas Schooling Fleur de Leap

SEDA will recognize the Combined Tests, Dressage Only, and the Horse Trials in a Day. “SEDA-recognized” means only that points/scores earned by event participants may be submitted for the SEDA Year-End Awards. Copies of scores from this show must be mailed to the appropriate chairperson within 14 days of the show date for scores to be included in the SEDA Year-End Awards program.

Please Contact LEC for more information: 985-796-9134


The LEC Eventing Derbies are designed to build both the rider’s confidence, as well as the horse’s.   We try to design cross country courses that are varied, but not overwhelming.  The Eventing Derby will have fences going into the woods for Pollywog, Beginner Novice, Novice and Training.

For those horses and riders at the Pre-Amoeba, Amoeba and Tadpole Levels the course will be set in the enclosed area  next to the cross country jump field.  This again is so that the green horse and rider can experience the thrills of cross country in a relaxed setting.

What is an Eventing Derby?

An eventing derby consists of two phases.  The first phase is a traditional dressage test.  The second phase is a jumping course on grass terrain.  The course will be a combination of stadium and cross country fences.  Course will range from 12-22 fences depending on the class and may include ditches, banks or water.  The jumping phase will be scored based on traditional show jumping and cross country rules including penalty points for knocked rails

Competition Levels

Pre-Amoeba – 18 inches Cross rails
Amoeba – 18 inches Cross rails and verticals
Tadpole – 2 feet
Pollywog – 2 ft  3 inches
Beginner Novice – 2 ft  7 inches
Novice – 2 ft  11 inches
Training – 3 ft 3 inches

When will the Eventing Derbies be held?

A series of three Eventing Derbies will be offered; competitors may enter any or all of these derbies.  However, competitors who enter all three derbies will be eligible for special series awards in addition to the awards at each derby competition.

See the individual premiums for each competition for more details.