Apr 8 2021
A person riding on the back of a horse jumping over an obstacle.

WHOOOOOO HOOOOO Spring Has Sprung!

LEC is having a “Day of Eventing” show on Saturday – May 1st!The day after the competition (Sunday May 2nd), dressage judge Aaron Wilson (Grand Prix Rider/Trainer) will offer a clinic at $100/session for private or $60 for groups from 2-4. See flyer for details.

Please make sure you use the right forms for your entries – HT (3 phases), CT (Dressage and Stadium), XCT (Cross Country and Stadium), Stadium rounds only are on one formand Dressage only is on a different form.

We also will continue with “Equitation” division in our Dressage portion. These classes are GROUP classes. You will be scored on Equitation which is on the position of the rider as they ride different gaits and the transition to those different gaits. Basic – walk/trot, Intermediate – walk/trot/canter and Advanced – all the skills are tested! Talk about FUN! We will have special prizes for these classes sponsored by Kalie Beckers and Premier Pastures.

But wait – there’s more!

SEDA’s Schooling Dressage Championships have add a class for Walk/Trotters!Now Intro B may be used as a qualifier for their dressage championship! See details here.

COVID Precautions

We will need to continue following the state guidelines that will be in place on that date, which currently states you must wear your mask in public. (If on horse back or in your “pod” you are not required, but moving from different areas you would need to adhere to this mandate.)

Our “no refund”policy will stay in effect UNLESS its due to issues with COVID-19which will allow for a full refund.

Come join the excitementof getting back in the show ring by filling out your forms and getting them mailedin! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Sharon. It is appreciated when forms are completed and sentwith Coggins test and payment.

Deadline for show is 5pm on April 26th.

See you on the 1st of May!